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Kite Flying will bring the Color of Wind to life as well as the flyer. Whether you are experienced or just beginning you will enjoy the thrill of touching the wind. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, Kite Flying is a great way to enjoy and experience the great outdoors. Kites also make a great and unique gift for all ages. We carry Powerkites, Revolution Kites, Stunt Kites, Sport Kites, Foil Kites, Delta Kites, Single Line Kites and more. Come and look through Color of Wind Kites selection.

If you have questions about our products or would like us to suggest a Kite for your Kite Flying experience, please contact us. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and hope you’ll make your online shop for Kites.
Check out Our Products

Check out Our Products

We have Colorful selection to catch the wind:
  • Top brands like Revolution Kites, HQ Kites, Dyna Kites, and more
  • The Powekites are from beginners to advanced
  • We also carry the Kiteboards, Scrub Boards and Buggys
  • We have Stunt, Sport, Deltas, Single Line to Quad Line kites and more
  • Kite Flying is for all skill levels from beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Many of the Kites are ready to fly in just minutes!

When you are looking for a kite, you want it to be quality-built with either little to no set-up required so you can get flying.

If you are an experienced flyer looking for a thrill, you may already know what type of kite you want. Enjoy looking through Color of Wind Kites selection.

If you are just starting out with Kite Flying, this is a fun and thrilling experience and we have what you need to enjoy this awesome adventure. Take a look around and have some fun. Shopping for a Kite should be an enjoyable experience and we aim high to make it that way.

Our quality of Kites are matched only by our customer service! Feel free to email us or call. Our goal is to be one of your best customer service encounters. If we don’t have the answer to your question, we will make every effort to get you the information that you need. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will check into it for you.

Come Soar with Us!
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